As a growing national company, Lieco Group has vast experience in nickel trading with several concessions in Sulawesi since 2012.


Starting to Develop

1.000 Ha

Covering Total Areas

3.6 Mio

Approximate Capacity

Starting early 2016 when local smelters in Indonesia began to develop, Lieco Group took the opportunity to enlarge its business in nickel mining, located in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi. Furthermore, in early 2021, Lieco Group has built cooperation with two other nickel mining companies located in Morowali area near to the largest smelters industry in Indonesia.

Covering total areas of more than 1,000 hectares, with approximate capacity of 3,600,000 WMT annually, these concessions are currently supplying to several domestic smelters.
Lieco Group has witnessed a significant gradual increase of nickel ore demands since its first supply to the market. This encourages Lieco Group to increase the production capacity continuously.

In the long run, Lieco Group has started to do exploration activities for nickel ore reserves across the country, particularly in areas where studies show large accumulations of mid to high-grade nickel ore.

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