Corporate Social Responsibility

Lieco Group continuously and actively participates in creating a positive impact for Indonesia's future generations. Guided by corporate’s vision and mission, Lieco Group supports sustainable development goals through corporate social responsibility activities.

Established in 2021, Yayasan Lieco Sinergi Mulia was initially built as a forum to implement Lieco CSR activities by involving employees of the Lieco group.

Our Vision

To become a central for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility activities for all Lieco Group’s business units.

Our Mission

Devoted to the nation by contributing to provide added value to the community and the environment.

DAAI TV is a media which advocates the principle of truth, goodness, and beauty in multiplatform media. DAAI TV is wholly dedicated to generate humanistic and inspiring content, like a pure stream which purify people’s heart.

The awareness to co-create a better world leads Lieco to support DAAI TV. Lieco aligns its CSR activities through DAAI TV PSA (Public Service Announcement) to promote goodness and great love campaign to society. (

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